Chipping Away At The Stone


According to legend, an awestruck admirer looked at Michelangelo’s finished statue of David and asked him how he had done it. To which Michelangelo replied: “David was always there in the marble. I just took away everything that was not David.”

Michelangelo wasn’t creating perfection by “fixing” the stone. David already existed perfectly within the stone – he was just hidden underneath layers of excess that could be shed to release his glorious self. The transformation was a process of unveiling.

Instead of focusing on fixing things we see as wrong with us, we can be Michelangelo and chip off the stuff that no longer serves us.

I began to look inward and apply this to myself. I can truly say that I have begun to work on all that is ‘not Stephanie’. In the past, my definition of myself was really hazy, but now I see who I am much more clearly and am working on chipping away all the unnecessary stuff, not just personally, but what will make me a successful business woman too.

To create the statue you want, the sculptor uses a variety of tools to remove only what is necessary – things that don’t contribute to the end result they want.

To bring your masterpiece to life, you must have a vision. You must see what can’t be seen. What does your beautiful business and fabulous collection of customers look like in your mind, six months from now, and in a year, in two years and in five? What types of clients, how many, and with what size of budget and commitment to your products and services are needed for this vision to take shape?

Once you have truly envisioned your masterpiece, what tools will you implement to bring it to life? How many different sizes and types of chisels do you suppose Michelangelo used? Large ones for chipping away at the outer edges, and finer ones for the shape within? And of course he needed hammers, mallets and brushes. No one tool is right for such a masterpiece.

With the new year upon us, now is a good time to start chipping away at the things that are holding us back from becoming more successful and content. There may be big obstacles that we can chip away with a hammer, but most obstacles we deal with every day require using a chisel….little pieces day by day that will eventually turn us into a masterpiece.

If not being able to spend enough time on what it is that is important to you, delegate what it is that is keeping you from it. If for instance, your housework has been put on the back burner, but you’re fretting that it’s not getting done, hire a housekeeper or delegate those chores to the kids (if you have them).

If you know of any area that is not producing much fruit, let it go.

Do you have too many commitments? It’s okay to say no and to let go.

You need to set goals and write them down….short-term, mid-term and long-term.

Rome wasn’t built in a day!!!!

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