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POTATO CHIPS: Why they are addictive and bad for you.

potato chips

1. Salt is what makes them addictive and they’re also loaded with sugar, not because of anything added but because of the kind of carbohydrate that they have that instantly turns to sugar in your body.
2. Saturated fat or trans fat also makes them addictive because our brain craves it for energy.
3. Empty calories lead to taking in too many calories and increasing your risk of obesity and missing out on nutrient dense foods such as fruits, veggies and meat.
4. BHT an additive that may lead to cancer. It’s used to prolong shelf life.

FYI- three-quarters of our salt comes from processed foods, not the salt shaker, and that’s why the food industry has refused to cut back on it. It’s cheap and addictive. Food giants put items with the biggest levels of salt, sugar and fat at eye level because that’s where our eye’s go first.

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